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Phil Salthouse's passion is boats and boating.  It is both his hobby and his work.  

Phil grew up "messing around in boats" and he has a wealth of boating experience as a result. From a very young age he cruised the coastal waters of the North Island of New Zealand with his family in a variety of yachts and power boats. Starting as crew to well-known yachtsmen and going on to build and sail his own dinghies with success, he then progressed to keelboats where, both as crew and skipper/owner/ builder, he enjoyed success locally, nationally and internationally. The love of boating, shared by his wife Sandy, has been passed on to their four children.

Phil has spent his working life – 30 years – building, repairing, altering and project-managing yachts and motor-yachts for a range of local and international clients. He began as an apprentice at Salthouse Boatbuilders Limited, where he learnt his trade the hard way including spending the first six months sanding the topsides of a 70-foot yacht before moving on to boatbuilding in timber and glass along with high-quality interior joinery construction. This began a long "hands-on" career on many and varied boats – wooden dinghies to large composite sailing catamarans, performance cruising yachts to high-tech carbon race yachts, speed boats to large power cats.

After selling his interest in Salthouse Boatbuilders, Phil went into business for himself, initially project-managing a new build and a major refit as well as numerous smaller jobs, and finally setting up Aquamagic Yachts Limited, which has at times had up to 40 employees and subcontractors on site. 

This practical on-the-water boating experience, combined with skills acquired through a lifetime of building and repairing boats, places Aquamagic in an advantageous position to be able to offer good, practical, aesthically pleasing, independent advice for a wide range of marine-related issues or to build the boat of your dreams.

Phil Salthouse

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