Aquamagic and the America's Cup 2017

Aquamagic Yachts were asked by Emirates Team New Zealand to provide project management services for the build of their AC 50 race yacht at Southern Spars for the 2017 America's Cup. Aquamagic Yachts was ETNZ’s onsite representative at Southern Spars ensuring that drawings were delivered on time, correct materials used and recorded accurately so that the finished boat was class compliant in all respects. Aquamagic Yachts also kept track of expenditure and schedule to ensure the boat was delivered to Emirates Team New Zealand on time and on budget. 

Aquamagic Yachts spent a lot of time on site at Southern Spars, particularly at critical points in the build, to make sure everything went as smoothly as possible. America's Cup yachts are at the very cutting edge of technology and ETNZ was always looking to use that technology to create the fastest boat possible. Everyone was on a mission to create the best possible platform to enable the sailing team to be competitive in Bermuda. 

As always, it was a balance between pushing the design to the last possible moment while allowing enough time to build it and remain on schedule. Building what turned out to be the fastest yacht at the 35th America's Cup was no different, but everyone managed to make it happen and the team then went on to create history and bring the America’s Cup back to New Zealand.

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